Ever chatted with a lawyer but have no idea what they’re saying and if they even really understand how Instagram works?

Yup, I know. Most lawyers spew legal jargon with little grasp of the online business world. Let alone a social media platform. 

That's why I'm here!

• To make business law approachable for creatives
• To ease your mind so that you can create what you love (instead of stressing about legal mumbo jumbo).
• To ensure you’re legally protected online.

So what are my credentials? 

• University of Montana School of Law Juris Doctor, High Honors
• B.A. in Economics & Political science
• MS. JD Fellow 2015-2016
• MS. JD BOARD MEMBER 2017-2018

Helping you figure out the legal stuff in an easy, non-scary way! Promise.

Not quite sure what you need?

1-on-1 Legal Help

For the entrepreneur that wants to chat about his or her personal business and legal struggles, and then have me successfully put together an easy plan to complete your legal needs

This is perfect for:

The business owner in the early stages of their business

A long time business owner who has more legal questions than answers

Anyone wanting to spend no time on legal stuff and wants to keep creating the business of their dreams

*Must sign an engagement agreement to establish attorney-client relationship

Contract and Clause Shop

Get your contracts in order today for a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney at an hourly-rate

Wedding Photography Contracts

Wedding Planner Contracts

Portrait Photography Contracts

Business Consulting Contracts

Graphic Designer Contracts

Single Contract Clauses to add into your current contract

And much more!

Motivational Speaker for Conferences, Retreats, and Business Workshops

Are you on the search for an experienced legal expert for your next event?! I’d be honored to join you and your attendees! At just 14 years old, I began my speaking journey as a high school speech and debater, turned college debater, turned law school moot court orator. My passion for building a legit business shines through in each of engaging talks.

My Signature Talks Include:

Contracts 101

I use an attendee's contract (or a few attendees) as an example and go line-by-line through the contract on a powerpoint screen for everyone to see, while inputting all kinds of fun gifs and jokes along the way… because legal stuff gets boring and we all know it! I will explain the pros and cons of contract formation, and also explain the necessary clauses each contract should have. I will tailor the talk specifically to the type of contract that your attendees use. I will then open it up to Q&A. This is essential for any legal breakout session, because people are often nervous and afraid to ask legal questions regarding their business AND have likely never gone and spoke with an attorney before about their business. Thus, this is a safe space for attendees to ask any question they want, which helps direct the discussion and allows the attendees to participate in a majority of the session. *This session includes a printed guidebook for attendees to follow along and take home!

Contracts, Biz Structures, & Taxes, Oh My!

This chat covers the basics of contracts, communicating with your clients about contracts, what business entity is right for your business, and preparing for tax season. To guide this breakout session, I find that its important to ask the attendees what they want to learn and/or struggle with the most. I will join in your pre-conference/workshop planning and invite questions from your attendees. This will help guide the discussion and allow me focus on what THEY want me to (instead of me just chatting aimlessly about legal stuff... which is no fun!). The session will also include hands-on learning with fun multiple choice questions throughout and a quiz at the end to ensure they are legally legit before they even walk out the door. *This session includes a printed guidebook for attendees to follow along and take home!

Maintaining your passion while working a 9-5

We likely all started here or somewhere close to it: a cubicle or office with a computer in front of us, mundane work ethic, and longing for being our own boss. I spent two years in a dream legal job as a federal clerk feeling this exact same way. Anyone else out of law school would have killed for where I was. While it was an incredible opportunity, something was lacking. My entrepreneurial passions needed to be filled. I left the traditional law world to build my own virtual law office and continue on as a full-time photographer. The journey of hustling on your business while working another full-time job is not easy, and we all need a pep talk to break us through to the other side. This talk features my successes, failures, and wisdom in being a full-time law student and law clerk while running a six-figure photography business “on the side”. I love connecting with other small business owners that have similar paths and yearn for more in life. This engaging discussion will have your attendees feeling more motivated than ever to live their best life (even if that includes working a full-time 9-5)!

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