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Jenna Kutcher Mastermind & Waco!

Its been almost two and a half weeks since I got back from Waco and my incredible experience at the Jenna Kutcher Mastermind retreat, and I’m still trying to simply take it all in.  It was a week I will never forget and one that will forever shape how I do business!

Now, lets go back to the VERY beginning of this journey.  In about October of last year, I applied for the mastermind.  I had heard of a “mastermind group” actually through Jenna’s Instagram account.  She was in one last year with some pretty amazing entrepreneurs (let’s be real, they were all social media celebrities, haha), and I loved hearing all about her experiences. I’m pretty sure I direct messaged her on Instagram about 10 times telling her to do a Mastermind of her own and that I would be the first in line to apply.  But, to be honest, I really had NO IDEA what as Mastermind even was.  A way to connect with other like-minded creatives?  A lecture series throughout the year to help you build your business? A marketing course? A group helping each other? A hang out sesh with some of your favorite girlfriends?

Whelp, a Mastermind is EVERYTHING and MORE! I went into my week in Waco, TX not knowing what to expect.  I had just paid a lot of money to be in Jenna’s Mastermind group and had no idea what the real benefit would be.  Her website said “A group of lady bosses who meet to tackle challenges and problems together.”  Sounds cool, huh?! But, what does that actually mean?!

Further, by the first day of the retreat, Jenna had not sent out a full schedule or a workbook (… we did get a tentative timeline and info on what to bring/wear, but I’m such an hour-by-hour, type-A timeline person, lol)!  Behind the curtains it was so clear she had a plan, but I didn’t know what exactly it was and that was freaking me out! Low and behold, the “no plan” turned out to be a very freeing way to start our first retreat!!!  It allowed me to dig deep, think hard about where I wanted my business to be in a year’s time, and simply be no one else but ME.

Now, I was incredibly nervous going into the first retreat.  This mastermind was only for female entrepreneurs, and Jenna had started a closed group on Facebook for us all to connect.  So, before the week even started, these incredible women got on Facebook Live and told us all about their insanely amazing stories.  You guys, I found out that I was a part of a group with MANY 6-figure and 7-figure businesswomen, women that had 300,000 to 800,000 followers on Instagram, and some of my biggest inspirations in the industry.  I was awestruck to say the least, and the nerves were flying around.  Was I good enough to be in this group? Would I even have anything important to contribute? How on earth does a small town girl from Montana compete in this industry?

Then, the most insane, amazing, heart-filled, collaborative week happened!  Jenna bared her soul and opened her business doors to us.  She allowed us to ask any question (as she says, “Nothing is off limits!”), brought her entire business team to help us, and–of course–had a plan!  Her plan was simple: allow enough space for these women to connect and create among themselves… and then lead and coach the Mastermind group after learning what WE needed help with.  It was genius!  Her tentative plan was cushioned with a ton of time for us to really jump in and have long Q&A sessions. We had enough space to be ourselves, not be fearful, open our arms to each other, and then allow Jenna to swoop in and help us with the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes stuff!

Without getting too detailed here, the week consisted of: (1) YUMMY breakfasts, lunches, and dinners from local caterers around Waco where we all chatted about our business and personal lives; (2) introductions to everyone’s businesses; (3) “hot seats” where we broke up into small groups and had one big problem that our business suffered from that OTHERS helped solve; (4) small group exercises to create better opt-ins and freebies for our followers; (5) “how-to” sessions on email marketing and list building; and (6) fun activities.  And, when I say “fun activities,” I mean it! We went to Waco Escape Rooms as a group of 30 and toured the city of Waco with Waco Tours! (P.S. To my group at the escape rooms… I will forever have nightmares about stupid Roman numerals! We were SO CLOSE to escaping!)

All in all, the week was awesome!  It really helped me take a step back from my 9-5 job and see the bigger picture with my intention on being solely an entrepreneur.  Big news is…. not only is this Mastermind going to help me with Paige Marie Photography, BUT its going to help me build my new business–THE LEGAL PAIGE–into the business I’ve always dreamed of!

If you haven’t even heard of my new business venture, ahhhhh, its happening! I’m going to branch out on my own as a lawyer and create a space where small business entrepreneurs can go to get all their legal questions answered.  The goal is to give small businesses the legal tools they need to create lawful, successful businesses in an easy, fun-filled way!  Check out The Legal Paige’s Instagram and Facebook page! I plan to officially launch in September 2018, but will be offering little freebies for the next few months!  And, my website should go live here in the next month!

Thank you for your time reading through this post!  I couldn’t wait to share my Mastermind experience with you.  Also, FYI, we have two more JK Mastermind retreats in 2018 and have monthly calls planned with the entire team.  So, its definitely an all year thing! Yippee!  And, I promise to share everything with you after each retreat!

One last thing as I wrap up! If you’ve ever thought of joining a Mastermind group: DO IT! I’m only a month into mine and my businesses have seen incredible growth! Its also a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and have the deep talks with other businesswomen facing similar up-and-downs. And… you meet NEW BEST FRIENDS! Its really a win-win situation! 🙂

Jenna Kutcher, Paige Griffith

A special thanks to these businesses below who contributed to our welcome boxes and ensured we had a great time in Waco:

1.) Noonday Collection (the wrap bracelets in my giftboxes)
2.) Teak and Twine helped build the custom welcome boxes!
3.) Gathering Oaks (where we stayed) were super sweet to us and let us take over the entire space!
4.) Waco Tours gave us a killer tour of Waco!
5.) Our food vendors were: @milowaco, @lunajuicebar, @morosowoodfiredpizzeria!
6.) Special thanks to my fellow Mastermind ladies, Julie Paisley for donating her planners to the welcome boxes and Bethany for sharing her incredible Primally Pure goodies!

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