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How to Feel Comfortable In Front of the Camera

How to Feel Comfortable In Front of the Camera – A Few Easy Tips

Social media is a rage these days. Everyone likes to share what they are wearing, doing, watching, eating etc. on their social network pages through iPhone camera pics. Despite the exposure to cameras all around, many people become nervous when they come to get their photoshoot done with a photographer. Obviously, there is bound to be certain awkwardness since posing in front of your family or friends and in front of a complete stranger are two totally different things. I’ve listed below some useful tips to help get the best results of your professional photoshoot!

Think Beyond “Looking into the Camera” Poses

Gone are the days when the subject was made to look into the camera for every shot of the photoshoot. Try different poses by looking in different directions, gazing into each other’s eyes, and walking around with only one of you looking at the photographer. Make sure you’re thinking about varying angles and finding the love, laughter, and connection with the person you are next to!

Laughing Shots

It is a well-known phrase that “laughter is the best medicine”; it stands absolutely true in the case of your photoshoot. I always love laughing candid shots, as they really portray you as a couple. Keep the atmosphere light by tickling, cuddling, and whispering something silly into your hunny’s ear!

Meet Up with Your Photographer Beforehand

This one can really proves to be effective for getting the jitters out. Meeting with me beforehand will create a certain level of understanding between us and will also enable me to give you directions prior to the shoot for better results. You can use this time to your advantage by asking me any questions you have in mind or telling me about your favorite Pinterest photos should you want me to capture that certain type of photo.

Wardrobe Selection

The MOST important part of your photo shoot is the attire you are wearing. What you are wearing should make you feel pretty while being comfortable. You shouldn’t hesitate in spending some time and a little extra money in finding a new trendy dress, skirt, top, and/or shoes for your shoot. And don’t forget about your man–put him in something dapper and handsome that he normally wouldn’t wear. This will also help him get into the mood and feel like he is a part of the overall process. Since your photos will serve as memories for a lifetime, I always recommend going all out on the attire and accessories.

Spend a Little Extra Time Preparing

You should prepare yourself for a really enjoyable, fun, and carefree couple hours with me. But, its always good to do a little research by yourself beforehand. If possible, do some peeking around prior to the shoot and share your favorite Instagram or Pinterest pictures and ideas with me about a week prior.  This will help me understand the type of look you are going for, and I will help you pick out the perfect outfits.  Should you come with a few poses in mind, I suggest limiting your “must get” shots to 3 to 5 pictures, instead of overwhelming the session with a dozen posed pictures. The more true to life and candid, the better!

To sum it up in a single line, treat the camera as your friend and pose like no one is watching!

  1. alicia

    April 19th, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    well written and very helpful!

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