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Hundreds of dollars worth of tax deductions you should be taking

Welcome Legal Paigers,

Today on the show I am so excited to welcome my very first guest, Brittney Suttle. Our conversation is all about small business tax deductions. A few of these tax tidbits might surprise you! Brittney is going to get you ready for tax season!! Join the conversation NOW!

Britt is a CPA with 10+ years experience who loves helping female entrepreneurs manage their finances (both personally & professionally) and build scalable businesses that earn them money while they sleep. This lady is a lover of carbs, hiking, and all things numbers, she currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband where they spend their downtime building their real estate business.

Follow Britt on Instagram: @brittandtheb and check out her website: www.brittandthebenjamins.com

Biggest takeaways from this episode- You can’t write off Starbucks anymore! (womp, womp)

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