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Fictitious name, DBA, what?!?!

Are you operating as a sole proprietor?!  If you are, and you haven’t filed a DBA application with your state or county, this blog is for YOU! Who should file a DBA? Now, most people that ask me about DBA’s start with the question, “Who Needs to File a DBA?”  First off, a DBA means […]

PMP Spokesmodels Fall Photoshoot

I’ve had such a great year so far with the 2018 PMP Spokesmodel Team!  All of these girls warm my heart, and I feel connected to all of them in the best way.  I cannot WAIT to see what their futures bring and what they do with their wild and precious lives! We’ve still got […]

Carissa | Senior 2019

Carissa and I had an absolute blast at her senior session! She really wanted the fall leaves, so we waited for the first couple weeks of October when the leaves and colors are perfect. She absolutely killed it with every photo! Carissa is such an amazing young lady and I’m beyond proud to have her […]

Tax Deductions + Holidays?!?!

During such an exciting time like the holidays it can seem somewhat boring to think about taxes as a small business owner. I’m here to tell you about some tax benefits for your business that will help you save money and get you on the right track for tax season (Its coming up you guys!!! […]

Social Media Giveaway Guidelines

Have you ever scrolled through Facebook or Instagram and cams upon an exciting giveaway for your favorite bath bomb or that set of pens that fits just perfectly on your desk? Giveaways are such a great opportunity to engage new clients and continue your relationship with existing clients! In order to create a successful giveaway […]

Brittany | Senior 2019

Brittany is such a beautiful young lady on the inside and out.  I’ve had the absolute pleasure to get to know her this year since she’s been on the PMP Spokesmodel team, and she’s so sweet, kind, and considerate.  We were anxiously awaiting for fall colors for her senior session, and despite the cold weather […]

Fall at the Ponds | Hillary & Lee

I’ve been waiting for this wedding ALL YEAR LONG!  Hillary & Lee were the lucky couple last year that won a styled adventure engagement shoot with Rocky Mountain Bride.  Remember that amazing pink sky atop Blue Mountain last year before fire season…yup thats these two!  Obviously, I totally met them on a whim, but we […]

Montana fallpocalypse! | Alissa & Brad

Alissa and I started out dancing around Missoula together as little kids, and then she turned into a theater girl in NYC and LA, and I turned into a wedding photographer.  And, when those two mixed together for her beautiful fall wedding on Monday, it created magic! I’m so obsessed with these wedding photos I […]

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